Fandom: The Final Frontier.

These are the voyages of the USS Marie Curie. Its continuing mission: to spread science and medical awareness where there was none before. To seek out new friends and new crewmates. To boldly fan like no fan has fanned before!The Curie is a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Fan Association, the oldest worldwide Star Trek fan group. As an internet-based chapter,  we conduct almost all our meetings and business via various social media and emails. Because of this we've got members from all over the US (and some other countries as well), and we definitely wouldn't mind more dedicated crew, regardless of where you're physically based. If you can't make it to a local chapter's meetings or don't live near a chapter of the 'FLEET, we'll be glad to swing by and pick you up via Discord!As a ship, we're dedicated to a mission of science and education - we find and share information on the latest scientific and medical studies, offer tutoring via the internet in some science and medical subjects, support STEM and STEAM-promoting funds and charities, and even intend to fund a chapter scholarship in the future. We share a collective interest in not only Star Trek, but in all things science fiction based. Above all else, we encourage fellowship and excellence wherever our members are based.Please look around, and if you like what you see, open a hailing frequency using the contact link up above. We've got a berth waiting for you!

- Captain Meg

A Brief History of the USS Marie Curie

Our Ship Launch Plaque

Commissioned in late 2016 and placed under the command of Captain Brady, the Curie (as her crew is fond of calling her) is a fully recognized chapter of STARFLEET International as of November 30th, 2017. She is currently stationed out of New York and originally launched from Roseburg, Oregon, USA, but we conduct all our business via the internet because we are fun like that.Our current plan is to run not only a fan club devoted to Star Trek and a social circle, but a scholarship fund and a charitable donation arm as well. We currently hold events on Discord, with more on the way as our various departments plan it!

As each chapter of STARFLEET International is considered a vessel or space station within the Star Trek universe, so is the Curie - she's an Intrepid, a science ship built for long-term explorations - a ship considered both "fast and smart" by various members of the show's cast of characters. If you'd like to learn more about the Intrepid class, please keep reading! They're a favorite of many fans, especially those who enjoyed the Voyager series, as the series namesake was an Intrepid.

Intrepid Class, United Federation of Planets

Information from Memory Alpha and Memory Beta, rewritten by the Engineering Department.First rolled off the assembly lines of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards some time in the early 2370s, the Intrepid was a class of science vessel primarily created for long-term exploration missions. Intrepids were about half the size of the Galaxy class (the ship type of the USS Enterprise D) and housed about 140-150 crew members on its 15 decks while operating on missions.At the time of its creation, the Intrepid was one of the most advanced ships created by Starfleet for scientific purposes - it housed several previously unheard of upgrades, including a warp core with a tricyclic input manifold (which would help to allow speeds close to warp 10), the most advanced navigational sensor battery on record, and variable geometry pylons (allowing for the movements of warp nacelles to lessen the impact of the vessel on subspace and habitable planets).The Intrepid class was also the first to incorporate bio-neural gel packs instead of standard isolinear computers - plugged into the already very beefy computer systems, these effectively changed an ordinary science ship into a semi-organic brain with lightning fast computational speed and a library at its disposal. The gel packs changed the way the computer processed, allowing it to use its "best guess" based on available information rather than run through every computation, speeding up processing time and allowing it to work in a much faster paced, more chaotic environment than a standard isolinear model.It was also a fast class of starship - until the advent of the Prometheus class of vessels, the Intrepid held the record for fastest top speed among Starfleet ships with a maximum maintained cruise speed of Warp 9.975 without outside help.No wonder the Intrepid class was described as "fast and smart"!

An Intrepid class ship
The Intrepid Development patch
Ship system LCARS display from the USS Voyager

Because of its size and some specialized engineering, the Intrepid was also capable of a maneuver many other starships were not - safe planetary landing and liftoff of the entire vessel. Thanks to strategically placed antigrav generators and impulse thrusters, the weight of the ship did not cause it damage during this maneuver.All in all, it's one heck of a science vessel and we're proud to be crewing one!

Ship's Combadge

The USS Marie Curie Combadge

Designed by our very own Engineering team member Stephen, the now officially adopted combadge of the Curie crew depicts a stylized atomic model under and around the familiar silver and gold delta insignia.While we don't require people who are part of the crew to wear any specific badge, this is the one we consider "ours" above any others!

Ship Namesake: Marie Sklodowska Curie

Marie Skłodowska Curie (7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934), born Maria Salomea Skłodowska, was a Polish born and French naturalized chemist who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the first person and only woman to win the Nobel twice (once in physics, which she shared with her husband and another physicist, and once for chemistry), for her work on radioactivity.Her achievements include developing the theory of radioactivity (a term she coined herself), developing techniques used in the isolation of radioactive isotopes, and the discovery of both polonium (named for her home country of Poland) and radium. Under her direction, the world's first studies into treatments for neoplasms with radioactive isotopes. She also founded the Curie Institutes in both Paris and Warsaw, which to this day remain major medical research centers.When faced with the adversity of growing up a woman in an oppressed Poland, she overcame by studying at the underground Floating University, and she never stopped. She was a true pioneer whose perseverance is worthy of our emulation.Marie died at age 66 of aplastic anemia caused by prolonged exposure to radiation throughout the course of her life and experiments.You can learn more about Marie Curie and her life at this site.

Marie Curie

Meet The Curie's Command Staff!

Here you will find short biographies and pictures of the Curie's current command roster, from our CO on through the various departments, along with the occasional sassy statements from Engineering - because that's what happens when we're allowed to write things unchecked!

Commanding Officer/Chief of Engineering Meg


Nice to meetcha! My name's Meg, but they call me Squirrel. I used to think this was because I tend to hold onto all kinds of stuff, just stashed away for when it might be useful. It turns out it's probably because once you get me into your ship's Jefferies tubes, I'm like a rodent in the walls - all over and impossible to get out!As the CO and Curie Chief of Engineering, it's my job to keep the ship Discord running, keep the website up to date and beautiful, and to keep our various social media hubs going, as well as ensuring the day to day function of the chapter is running smoothly and filing all the paperwork no one else wants! I'm here to take care of our ship and crew - my office is always open, so feel free to drop in if you need anything!

Executive Officer/Chief Operations Officer Ren


Welcome aboard the Curie. As Operations Management Officer, I am responsible for multiple services in order to make sure the ship continues to function smoothly as a cohesive unit. As such, I am also responsible for coordinating social events for the crew for morale purposes such as organized movie/series viewings and holiday gifting (to prevent any potential mutineers). Enjoy your stay, and mind the squirrel.Ed: The CO notes Ren is also our XO and is, therefore, responsible for her non-engineering work if she is suddenly taken out of action. Say, by an emergency vacation or something of that nature. Good luck Ren!

Chief Tactical Officer Erica


Welcome aboard the USS Marie Curie! As Chief of Tactical, I'm responsible for the general safety and security of our crew. In STARFLEET, Tactical and Security Officers comprise of people who wish to ensure peace is kept at STARFLEET events and at our tables during cons, security is not an actual physical security force. Instead, they serve as extra bodies at the table to keep things under control for ops, who may otherwise be overwhelmed with a number of people who want to talk with someone about SFI, or they may be people posted at doors of important meetings to ensure only STARFLEET personnel are admitted. In the Curie, this is mostly done digitally on our Discord server.

Chief Communications Officer Samantha


Greetings and welcome aboard the Marie Curie. My name is Samantha, and I serve as Chief Communications Officer on our lovely science vessel. This means I am responsible for reporting and distributing our quarterly Ship’s Log to all active members of the chapter and submitting a monthly update on important communications happenings in our main forum: our Discord server. Our Ship’s Log compiles reports from all departments as well as choice articles written by members re: sci-fi or current events with a Trekker worldview.Ed: I know this link is elsewhere on the site, but if you need to contact our communications department, please use this link!

Chief Science Officer Jen

Captain Steven

‘Allo! Nice to meet you! I’m Jen, the Chief Science Officer. The Science Department keeps the ship up-to-date in areas of Science and Technology; we help chart our ship’s course through stellar cartography and keep our crewmembers safe on away missions or vacations to Risa (or wherever else they may be headed) by monitoring the terrestrial weather scanners. If you want to strike up a discussion comparing Borg Assimilation, Android and AI technology, chat about modern day space exploration or get ideas for a kid’s science fair project, please come on by!Ed: To contact the Science Department directly, please use this link!

Chief Medical Officer Brady


Howdy! My name is Brady and I’m Chief Medical Officer of the USS Marie Curie. My job and my goal is to focus on the health, morale, and general well-being of the crew. I also try to keep everyone informed with objective updates in the fields of health and medicine.This post is a special one for me, as I was part of the founding crew for the Curie. The other officers realized I was lost in a trance in a remote part of the ship just doing paperwork. They found me and put me back to work!Ed: Go figure, a medical officer buried in a pile of paperwork. What are the odds?

Ship's Counsellor Niamh


nuqneH! I am Niamh. As Ship’s Counselor, it is my responsibility to support the onboarding of new crew members, ensuring they feel welcome, and signposting organisational support and information.I’m a science fiction writer and game developer, serving proudly from the European deck of the ship. I became a member of STARFLEET in 2019. Since joining the USS Marie Curie I have found a digital home, and made some wonderful friends.Ed: On behalf of the Curie and her crew, we love you too Niamh!

Ship's Librarian/JAG Officer Stephen


Jolan Tru and welcome aboard the Marie Curie. My name is Stephen, and I'm proud to serve as Ship's Librarian and Judge Advocate General Officer on our ship.The Ship's Librarian is the record keeper of the USS Curie. I am responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed records of official chapter meetings and votes. As the Judge Advocate General Officer, I am the ship’s “legal expert” when it comes to matters of STARFLEET and ship policy and procedures and repository for official STARFLEET rules and rulings. I also keep our crew informed of changes to the members handbook and can be called upon for knowledge of STARFLEET or ship-specific rules and regulations as needed.

Marine Strike Group 518: The Dragons

Unit Motto: Regnabit Ignis (Reign of Fire)
Unit Slogan: Air Radium!

The Dragon's unit patch
The Dragon's unit patch

After some deliberation among the crew, it was decided that the USS Marie Curie's occasionally dangerous scientific missions definitely warranted some heavier backup. We put in a call to SFMC HQ and managed the best thing we could have asked for - SFMC Strike Group 518, The Dragons, has been officially assigned to the Curie!The members of the 518 are interwoven throughout our departments, serving as both members of our standard crew compliment and as our emergency heavy muscle. We're proud to have them serving with us, and we'd be happy to welcome more of them to the crew. The 518 has a special focus in aerospace and operations related to said field, so if that strikes your fancy, we've got a berth for you!If you would like to be a part of our SFMC Strike Group, take part in any Curie/Strike Group 518 activities, or if you would just like more information about the SFMC as a group, please contact the current head of the 518, Captain Meg, or visit the SFMC website directly using the links below!

The Dragons would like to extend our gratitude to Captain Carrot of SFI's Corps of Engineers' Graphics Division for our unit logo!

Downloads and Links

Pretty much what it says on the tin, these are a few things that might come in handy for a member of the Curie's crew, or even just STARFLEET members in general.

Lt. Uhura takes a call

Hailing Frequencies Open!

If you need to contact the crew of the USS Marie Curie for anything at all - questions, comments, sending us your aunt's chili recipes - please feel free to fill out this form and click send. One of the command staff will get back to you as soon as we can!